Treatment of Dyspareunia / Painful Sex

dyspareunia treatmentDyspareunia is a condition when the female partner experiences unusual pain during sexual intercourse. It is a problem that is experienced by almost 5% of ladies worldwide. To know more about dyspareunia, its causes and other important details please read our article about dyspareunia. Click the URL below to go to the page.

We at my sex clinic have an extraordinary experience of treating thousands of ladies with complaint of excessive pain during sexual intercourse. You can choose our specialized treatment for dyspareunia and live a healthy and enjoyable sex life.

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  1. Dr. Charles Runels says

    You can try a procedure called o-shot which uses blood derived growth factors to give healthier vaginal tissue by stimulating uni-potent stem cells. This has been very effective with my patients.
    Hope this helps.

    Charles Runels, MD

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