Dyspareunia: Pain During Sex Experienced by Women

Unpleasant or unbearable pain experienced by woman during sex is called dyspareunia. The pain in dyapareunia is experienced by women mainly in the region of pelvis and genital area and it frequently resembles to the menstrual cramps pain. There are several causes of dyspareunia. Its a very serious problem which needs to be taken care of urgently otherwise you may find yourself in an uncomfortable condition which may further impact on your relationship in a negative way.

Inflammatory conditions, allergy and minor cuts or wounds inside the genital area may be the most common cause of pain felt during intercourse. Sometimes the severity of pain is so much that the patient feels such pain even in sitting position or while doing day to day activities.  Apart from this, IUDs such as copper-T or diaphragms which are not properly fitted may also cause painful sex.

Vaginismus may also be a cause of dyspareunia. Vaginismus means unusual spans in the genital muscles around the vagina. In this condition sometimes it is impossible to penetrate into the vagina. Dryness inside the vagina is allso a common cause of dyspareunia. Dryness may be found iin women after menopause or due to estrogen insufficiency or due to lack of foreplay before sex.

Some of the more uncommon causes of painful sex are : fibroid uterus, PID, prolapse of the uterus, infections of the ovaries and PCODs, previous operations of the mower abdomen and endometriosis also account for a few cases of dyspareunia.

Sometimes the pain is functional. Which means there is no definite cause but the patient feels and complaints about severe pain. This happens when the patient has sometime felt the pain due an acute infection or injury and even after a period of time she still fears that pain or perhaps feels false pain during intercourse.

Discuss your symptoms with your doctor. Depending on the situation, you may need to see a doctor who specializes in women’s problems. You may also contact our doctors through online consultation and discuss all the details with them. You may also opt for specialized treatment plans which are formulated according to your specific needs under direct supervision of our sexologists and herbalists.


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