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  1. sir i m having a problem of mastubration from last 12 years age is 30 years and i m single and i m afraid of my sexual life penis is not getting erect ..i have lost my sex pleasure , its not getting erect , i m getting pain in my body legs , m i suffering from impotency ..will i,ll be able to get my sex life back ..besidr this i m getting chest pain all reports are normal please tell me m i suffering from heart problem because of mastubration and penis weakness please help me out .

    • Dr Saleem Zaidi says

      Dear Sahil,

      Firstly its not at all a sign of heart problem its just that you are having lots of anxiety and tension and due to this you may be having vasospasm. This is a minor problem which will pass away if you stop thinking too much. And as I always request everybody, please send me an online consultation form duly filled with all your details. I am very busy so I may not answer all the comments but me and my team is always there to answer each and every online consultation received. So lets get stated dude.

  2. Hello Dr. I live in canada about 19 years now. Dr. i have been masturbating last 5 years. But i stop now. But i am having Bad penis odour harming my education and social life totally. please help me to come out from the bad ordour. i have to be in public. i can buy any medication from you through you. please help me. thank you.

  3. Sir,
    I am from Pakistan and suffering from various men deseases, like short/Lazy penis, erect dysfunction, semen like water pre ejcatn etc, due to adopting all bad habits from the age of 17, now I am 31 year old. I have tried many doctors and Hakeems but invain. Now am married since 2 year and using pils for timing. No hope for baby, plz help me. I could not find your consultant form, emale it to me also send total corse chages and way of delivery/payment. I have no bank account, no debit card, how it will be done

  4. Sir I am on 25 and facing semen leakage problem from past two months.. semen is getting leaked continously wihout my effort, I am un married and worried a lot whether it will effect my sexual lyf please help me and just to inform u I have l4 l5 disc bulge.. is this the reason for my problem??

  5. sir I am 18 years old n m getting some sperms while I talk to my gf or beautiful lady n getting back pains n some burning feeling after urination plz help me n tell me what is the reason behind this n one thing i I never musturbate in my lyf…

  6. i m 25 yrs old.i m suffering from premature ejaculation.

  7. Hello sir

    My age 25 years and i have a problem of small and week penis. My penis size is 4 inch approx.

    So please consult me and advise the best treatment step for my small penis. thx.

  8. faisal khhan says

    sir I have very serious problem. After my semen test report my pus cell is 12- to 14 and my supreme quantity is 40% I cant do sex .when I want do sex suddenly I feel I have no power I always ashamed infront of my wife so please help me sir I can send you my report

  9. i masturbate since i was just 13….
    now i developed spermatatorrhea from past 6 months…
    pls help

  10. sir i want to buy ur product xtra large and i live in bihar so plz tell me how can i buy ur product

  11. hi
    i have been masturbating for last 8 years. 2 years back nerves pain was started in my left hand and its attacked to right hand and then legs now total body and face as well. But doctors are telling its not due to masturbation. But am sure its because of that only. What should i do now as am unable to bare these pains, pulling nerves, numbness etc.,

    Please reply.

  12. sir my problem is semen leakage what medicines should i take to cure this

  13. sir i am 25 and i m doing masturbating since i was 15. my problem is sex related. my problem is time is very short and every time I have premature ejaculation. I also have weakness of the nerves. and my penis size is also small. please suggest a treatment and medicine which i can take and what is the cost of that medicine

  14. I am suffering from semen leakage while passing stool
    And premature ejaculation and size problems also

    I am just 19 years old and a student

    My main problem is the semen leakage problem.
    Please suggest me any effective medicine ASAP….

  15. Sir My name is nani . My age is 21 when i was at 15 old i stard masturbatting i did it for 3 years daily aftr my 12th standrd i reduced it slowly . Monthly once i did. I stopped it becoze my pennis is erecting only for 30 sec and its becoms loose in startng i did not realize becoze of age when i metured and understnd the problem i stoped it .but my pennis is so weak and there is loose of sperm in sleep for every week. If get married what wil be my situation. Wil i satisfy my wife. .

  16. Mandeep kumar says

    My sexually power is very small. I want to my stamina minimum 30 mints

  17. shubham kumar says

    sir i am 16 and i have been masturbating for thrice a week for the past 2 yrs. and now i am facing the problem of seminal leakage. there is leakage even after slightest of erection and while urinating also. i am feeling shy o talk about this with my parents. plzzz help me out.

  18. hello sir my age is 24 years and since i was 13 to 14 years i start masturbation .my penis is now becomes so week it erects but after 2 min it comes to is original position and my penis tip is also so weak
    wrinkles are clearly visible in its normal position my size is about 5 inches .since i was when 18 years my semen leaks while i pass the urine it drops about 3 to 4 drops so i left this masturbation for about 2 to 3 months my semen stops but again i did masturbating 1 time in about 3 weeks means every 1 month i do .
    now i am about 24 years my semen is in control but i think my knee joints and my lower back bone joint starting pain. i am worried of my life my penis is weak erectile dysfunction and my headache pains a lot .i have left masturbating since 4 months bus my knee and lower back joint start pains know as well as weakness of body.

    plzzzzzzzz help me what should i do…..
    i am afraid my mother is planning my marriage .and i think i am un able to keep a wife

  19. Dileep Netam says

    sir i have a nightfall problem past 5 year
    whenever my penis strong than after some time my sperm come out
    plz tell me suggestion

  20. shaikh sameer says

    dear zaidi sir my name is sameer and i have sex problem i was mastrubate last 6 years and my penis size is small and it does not stand properly and i can do only 1 attempt with my partner and that also it erect soon and i was taking vigora 100 can u suggest me some good medicine

    • Dr Saleem Zaidi says

      Dear Sameer,

      You have lost much of your sex power due to prolonged masturbation. You should use Xtra Power Capsules for a few months to get it back. I am sure you will start getting harder erections within a few days of starting the treatment.

  21. Dr Saleem Zaidi says

    You are facing the side effects of doing masturbation over a long time. You need a customized treatment for overcoming these problems. Kindly send us a online consultation form. Our team will contact you.

  22. Sir my age is 20years, my prob is that my penis is just 4.5″ and thin and when i use to do sex i inject within 2 min and after that i feels shame so pls tell me some cure plssss

  23. Sir ,Iam a 29 yrs women, married for 6 years and have two healthy kids, 4.5 yrs and 2 yrs respectively. From the time i got married i have never felt anything during sex. The vaginal area has no sensation at all. I have a serious desire to have sex like any other person, but during intercourse when he is into me, i done feel anything. Iam mentally very very depressed as you can understand its been 6 years. please please help me out with this situation.

    Thank you

  24. Dear Doctor,

    I am just married and i understood that i have premature ejaculation and ED as i couldnt do sex more than one minute and after once ejaculated, then no erection for next two days. Please help me out is there any medicine that can cure the problem immediately and permanently so that i can recover fast. Since I am just married(one week back), its immediately needed for me otherwise my life may get spoiled as she may get frustrated.

  25. sir my age 35 years and i have a problem of small penis. and it is not so hard….. and timing is so short too.i smocking 15-20 cig daily from last 6 months i face same problem in my penis can u advice me to come out of this problem?

  26. sir my age 21 years and i have a problem of small penis. and it is not so hard….. and timing is so short too. can u advice me to come out of this problem?

  27. Hello Sir,

    I have a maturation habit due to that my penis is small about 3 inches and i m ejaculating within a minute only about 20 seconds and I m not married and I feel it will affect my future partner.please suggest me to control it

  28. sir zaidi, i am 29 years old,i am having a problem that i have married 2 months ago and in my first intercourse with wife, i ejaculated within seconds during foreplay and when i started foreplay there comes a sudden need to urinate and i cannot control the ejaculation due to intense pressure on my whole body and i ejaculated and this whole process is done in 10 to 15 seconds and i ejaculated a lot which was resembling to urine little bit smelly too and at once when i ejaculated, the sudden need to urinate ends……also in normal days when i start walking, i feel sudden need to pee………….and sometimes i eat sugary foods then these things causes me dysentry, what should i do?????????i told to doctor then doctor said it seems to be problem with prostate glands, whole urinary system and as well as problem of intestine (both small and large intestine)……….i am also having a lot of stomach gas and chronic urine retention………..what should i do???????urgent……..

  29. Dr Saleem Zaidi says

    You just send us a complete online consultation form with all the details. We will help you come out of this sex problem.

  30. These tablet will reduce the chances of having kids?

  31. small testis small peins age 23 what is problem &which medicines should i use &what it costs

    • Dr Saleem Zaidi says

      You should use X-tra Large penis enlargement pills for two months. Both of your problems will be cured. We will also give you a specially formulated penis enlargement oil along with this. You will have to massage this oil on your penis and testes. This treatment will give you very good results within a few weeks. Cost of this treatment is Rs 4500 for one month course.

      • Both xtra power and Xtra large can be taken at a time? I thnk i have ED problem, premature ejacuation and also my penis size is so small. Please help me

        • Dr Saleem Zaidi says

          Yes both of these medicines can be taken simultaneously. We already have a treatment package containing both of them. Its called All-in-one Sex Power Package.

  32. kasif khan says

    I am 18 years old. My penis size is just 4 inches. I am very depressed and worried due to this. Please help me.

    • Dr Saleem Zaidi says

      Live a healthy lifestyle. Avoid doing masturbation, eat healthy, exercise regularly but don’t do heavy weight lifting exercises. Aerobics, jogging and running is best. Start using X-tra Large Capsules twice a day. We can also provide you an oil for super quick results.

  33. boj bikram says

    i want to increase my penis size with x-tra i m in malaysia.ho to buy that medicine…give the way..plz..

  34. Dear sir,
    I am 27 years old, & unmarried. my penis is very small & it curves when erect. i had habit of masturbation. can u tell me any treatment for penis enlargement ASAP…?

    • Dr Saleem Zaidi says

      Dear Sunil,

      You just need to complete a full course of two months with the X-tra Large Penis Enlargement Capsules. One capsule in the morning and one in the evening. That’s it. I am 100% sure you will gain at least 2-3 inches in length and at least 30% in width. It is a 100% natural product so no side effects are there. Also the results are permanent unlike other supplements which show only temporary effect. We have got very good results with this treatment alone for penis enlargement.

  35. hello sir
    my age 25 years old
    my problem is sex related. my problem is time very short and every time premature ejaculation
    if am sex done after penis nerves, weakness of the nerves. mind is disturb always
    pls help me pls…….am very upset in 4years
    penis very loose and sex time o second

    • Dr Saleem Zaidi says

      Hi Srin,

      It seems that your nerves have become sensitive due to over masturbation. This is a common problem in men of your age. You ejaculate quickly because your sensitivity is very high. You need to get yourself a proper treatment which can calm down your hypersensitive nerves, strengthen the penis and improve your stamina. Also I would like to tell you that please don’t overlook this problem. This is a serious problem which if not treated on time may spoil your future sex life.

  36. Hello Sir
    I am 25 years old
    my problem is every time Erectile Dysfunction
    every time disturb not feet good and short time sex, if one time sex then my penis showing the bone,Premature Ejaculation plz help me

  37. mohit kumar says

    Dear Sir, This is Mohit. 23 yrs old male. i am masturbating since 11 years.i feel that i get premature ejaculation.after erection penis’s size again comes to its normal size when i am touching her & trying to satisfy my grlfriend through hands & my penis gets slightly wet when i m with her & having foreplay. i havnt had sex ever. . i am already taking prednisolone (steriods) as a treatmnt as m suffering from S.L.E.since last 2 yrs.plz need urgent advice

    • Dr Saleem Zaidi says

      Dear Mohit,

      You have been masturbating since you was just 12 years! The problem of semen leaking that you are facing is because of this. Please do not masturbate more than twice a month now. Give yourself and your system time to relax. Another reason for semen leaking is low viscosity of semen. I am sure your semen will be just like water. Isn’t it? There are many herbal medicines available for your problem. Consult a good sexologist or send me your consultation form. I will be happy to help you out.

  38. ali mumtaz says

    i am mastubating for last 6 years and due to that my penis has become thin and its size is limited to 4inches. I am really worried now.
    Really waiting for ur reply

  39. Dr Saleem Zaidi says

    Hi Jawed,

    It seems that your wife is not enjoying her sex life. There could be various reasons behind this. The most common cause of this type of situation is that either there is some hormonal imbalance or you are not able to make her happy. In other words you are not up to her mark. Try to make your sex life more interesting. Explore new ways of making love, express your feelings for her, surprise her with gifts and try new sex positions. You may think these are small things but believe me more than half of of such cases solve by these simple things only. If none of these help try to counsel a sexologist.

  40. hello dr.
    Ican do sex 2 to 3minuts max.
    I want to increase erection time means sex time 15 to 20 mints.
    For this which medicine is good and how much time should i take?
    From where can i get medicine?

    • Dr Saleem Zaidi says

      Dear Mitesh,

      You are suffering from premature ejaculation. There are many causes of premature ejaculation like hypersensitivity of the penile nerves, weakness of the nerves, watery semen, over masturbation and performance related anxiety. Whatever the cause of premature ejaculation be you can overcome it by taking X-tra Power Capsules. Two capsules one hour before intercourse. I am sure your sex time will increase up to 20-30 minutes with this.

      • Dr Saleem Zaidi says

        Dear Sanndeep,

        If you compete the whole course as suggested by us, your problems will be cured permanently. Look this is an authentic ayurvedic treatment which gives permanent results unlike others who show only results for a limited time.

  41. Samson Tekle says

    I’m 42 and married for the last 18 years my sexual relation was normal,my wife was pregnant and now we get baby girl before 5 months since the pregnancy time my sexual feeling is weak and my penis is becoming small,please consult me what i shall do.

    Thank U

    • Dr Saleem Zaidi says

      Hi Samson Tekle,

      From what you described looks like your testosterone level is getting low. This is common problem among men. We can provide you a customized treatment for this. If you would like to try our treatment, then please fill the online consultation and send it to us. Our team of doctors will analyze your problem and give you the best possible treatment depending on your needs.

      Thanks, and best of luck!

    • Dear Docotor,

      i am 42 years of age, married before 16 years. 4 children, i am facing impotancy since 5 years. my penis become smaller comparing earlier time. discharge quickly. please reply

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