Treatment For Sexual Weakness and Low Libido in Men

sexual weakness treatmentSex is an integral part of our lives. Just as we need food to satisfy our hunger and gain energy for daily life, a satisfying sex life is necessary to energize our soul, mind and spirit. The bond that a man and woman share as a couple depends highly on the level of sexual satisfaction that the two share from each other.

A disturbing sex life may give a negative impact on a relationship. According to a recent survey conducted by the department of Family health and relationships and the department of Law, University of Delhi, more than half of the cases of divorce and domestic violence are primarily due to unhappy and non satisfying sexual relationships between couples.

Sexual weakness is not dependent on age. This is evident from the fact that two third of the total cases of low sex drive and low libido occur in men below the age of 35 years. It is now a well known fact that a man’s sexual performance is gradually increased with age. This is due to more confidence and reduced performance related anxiety seen in men of older age.

There is no general measure for sexual activity and desire in men. Every man has a different body type and different degrees of sexual behaviors. Sometimes a normal sexually active man may feel low libido and reduced desire to have sex because of mental stress and workload. Sex desire also tends to diminish with advancing age.

The patients of low sex drive loose all interest in sex. Even direct provocation by the partner by touch, kiss and massage fail to produce any interest. The man retains his ability to perform during sex but the loss of desire keeps him away from the act. Sometimes the man involves himself in sexual intercourse just to satisfy his partner. Although he has no interest in sex.

So what causes a man to loose interest in sex? The most important cause of reduced sex drive is the excessive work pressure in today’s competitive world. The tremendous work pressure and pressure to achieve business targets causes us to loose interest in sex.

Another main reason for low libido and sexual weakness is the performance related anxiety. When a person for some reason feels a temporary difficulty or inability in sexual intercourse then the next time he gets into bed with his partner, there is a performance related anxiety at the back of his mind which further lowers the performance.

Most of the men just ignore the initial symptoms of sexual weakness. They think it is a normal thing that will pass away with time. Fortunately in most of the cases it happens too but in a few cases the condition does not get recovered. The person looses his interest in sex permanently. So it is wise to consult a sexologist even at the first sign of low libido. You never know if you are a the verge of developing sexual weakness?

Sexual weakness or low libido refers to the condition when a person does not have a desire to have sex. The desire to have sex may be diminished or completely lost in some cases. When the desire is lost completely and irreversible it may lead to impotence in men.

Patients suffering from sexual weakness and low libido should be very careful when selecting a treatment for themselves. Inappropriate medicines and unprofessional treatments may be very risky. They may have have the risk of dangerous side effects. Sometimes the medicines have the potential to get addicted to it. So it is very important to inquire about the ingenuity and authenticity of the treatment being take.

Our sexual weakness treatment plan is a herbal, all natural and safe treatment for sexual weakness which is trusted by thousands of males around the world. Our treatment for sexual weakness and low libido is 100% customized tailor made solution. It are prescribed after deep study of your personal case through online consultation, taking into account each and every aspect of your personality and body requirements. Therefore chances of possible side effects and inefficacy are very less in our treatments.

Regain your lost Vigor and vitality………Improve sexual performance……. the natural way! The healthy all natural method…in a herbal way….. with our Customized Sexual Weakness Treatment packages.

There are many causes of sexual weakness. The majority of them include poor diet, lack of exercise, stress and certain diseases. People with poor nutritional diet and sedentary lifestyle are always lacking adequate testosterone levels. This leads to low libido. A far more common cause of sexual weakness and low libido is a lack of nitric oxide. If you don’t get enough of nitric oxide, you simply won’t get an erection. Almost all men who suffer from low libido suffer from poor blood circulation. Hence improving blood circulation is the simplest ways to treat low libido. If you have improved your blood circulation, you, must get sufficient blood into the penis and this means nitric oxide needs to be realized. This vital chemical allows the blood vessels of the penis to relax and expand and blood to rush in and pull.

Herbal male enhancement supplements are natural and if taken for a month or two with a sensible diet and healthy lifestyle will cure low libido and increase sex drive naturally. These herbal male enhancement supplements are a natural blend of herbs that helps in improving blood circulation and improving your desire of lovemaking.

Our “Customized Treatments for Sexual Weakness” have been the most successful for thousands of men suffering from Low Libido and Sexual Weakness. This is a specialized and customized treatment program that gives you 100% natural and safe herbal supplements manufactured in house under direct supervision of our Sexologists and Herbalists.

All treatment packages are formulated after a deep study of your personal case through online consultation. Our Sexologists and Herbalists then formulate a treatment plan based on your specific needs.

Please keep in mind that something can be effective and safe for someone aged 34 years but it is not necessary that the same will be equally effective and safe for someone aged 45 years and having a different severity of Low Libido and Sexual Weakness.So it is very important to have a personalized treatment plan which is formulated to give you just the right supplements to suit your very own needs.

Our personalized treatment package for Sexual Weakness and Low Libido has helped millions to gain their lost vigor and vitality.You too can take benefit from it.

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  1. Hello dr.
    I am Harry, I just got married before 6 month, I am ok with sex , but problem is with my wife, she doesn’t get any sex feeling, she was ok about sexafter 2 month of marriage , but now she is facing this problem, she doesn’t enjoy sex,she told me that she doesn’t get any feeling when I do sex.
    So please email me about this problem

  2. saroj kumar says

    sir i have done lot of time hand pratice .now day i am facing the problem of nightfall regularly…
    due to this i am facing sir headche,weakness,frustation..
    kindly tell me solution about it…


  4. my age is 30 basically i wasted my sex by hand job kindly can you suggest me which medicine is best for me to reorder my weak sex plz

  5. Manish kumar says

    Hello Dr. sahab(My age 19) i have no timing in bed and my penis is so weak during sex.what should i do and low libido Plz help me

  6. Manish kumar says

    i have a problum on my sexual Erectile Dysfunction,low libido.Plz help me

  7. Jonathan says

    Dear Sir
    I’m A Dubai residence how I get you. i have a lot of things to talk to you. please any addres
    like phone no.

  8. Abdul Razzaq says

    salaam…Dr Now I’m In Dubai..I Have last 5years Nightfall Problem Weekly 2times..My Penis also smal Size Going to down I’m also Upset plz help me sir..Next Year i Will get Married but i’m not well plz sir help me..

  9. Abohamzah says

    Hello Dr. I was normal before a year but I used ( confido) for tow weeks , now
    I have weakness as result to the ( confido) , please help me to return normal.

  10. Perry jones says

    Pls I have a problem on my sexual weeknes ,I found it difficult to get an erect penis and if I do it’s very soft and when I try’s to have sex I get soft straight away ,
    Also if I mannnage to try and have sex I stay only for 40sec before coming or sperms out,
    This is affecting yay marriage life,pls advice me on what to do ,
    Thank your

  11. lokesh sharma says

    Dear sir
    i have problem of week erection , very low libido .i have taken ayurvedic treatment for 6 month but not get the better result. still have low libido n week ere. kindly help me i m 28 yr old only .plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz helpppppppppppp

    • Dr Saleem Zaidi says

      It seems you have been taking low quality medicines by some inexperienced person. Ayurveda has some very good and effective medicines for you. Send us an online consultation form duly filled. We are sure we can help you out.

  12. dinesh gautam says

    I want to have sex, my organ too gets erected with no problem but my sperm falls as soon as any female touch it. i cannot hold my sperm even for few seconds . it is very frustrating to me . i hope u will help me . waiting to listen you forward

  13. my sex power so week sir my reports not clear sir plz i want ur help sir

  14. iam marrited sir i have to much problem about sex i want ur help sir mein is ki waja se boat parishan ho aur marrited life mein boat problem hai aur meri reports be sai nai ayi sir sir need ur help very soon iam wating ur ans sir

  15. My age is 45 now problem in sex. Timing very less and hard ness problem plz advise where from buy in pakistan karachi

  16. Gurnam Singh says

    I am30 year plz sir help me i had been married 2010 but from marrige time i am very weak from sex power. I wife is not satisfied from my power .so we have lot of problam in between penis size is going to very small like a child eretion power is totaly gone out. I am vegetarian.but i take cigrates kindly help me save live and my marriage one…..but sir my having not intrest for intercource

  17. hi Dr
    i am having sex 3 or 4 In weekend my wife is Happy I am Not Happy after sex i feel weakness no power
    for again doing sex and I also want to enlarge my penis Size & extra sex time I Ask U sir i compete full power In Sexy
    Give me a extra power full medicine

    plese help me my contact no. ********

  18. Hi

    Please could you help me.I am 39 years old since 2/3 years I have suffering from sexual weakness so what could i do? my penis is also week /what kind if medicine i have eat and how can i get medicine from you? i have not sexual feeling/ from some time due to stress , please suggest what diet also i take for freshness.

  19. Hi Dr
    i m having sex 3 or 4 time in a weekend. timing is good also my wife is happy with me no problem
    but after sex i feel weakness no power to do any thing i need to sleep only what i need to do plzzz
    tell me


    dr. sir i need your help i am 22 yr old and i m married my sex life is best but till to back 16 months my sex power was very low during relationship

  21. hi doctor sahib
    i am 31 yr old i am suffering from diabities . on the bed during sex i discharge very quickly tell me some medicine . i am waiting for reply

  22. i want to all in one s power package address

  23. Hi Dr if am having sex for 10 mnts am weak everything goes down than i look shame on bed
    please help am 52yrs old but am stranger

  24. good day Dr,Saleem Sahab,

    Please could you help me.I am 38 years old since 2/3 years I have suffering from sexual weakness so what could i do? what kind if medicine i have eat and how can i get medicine from you? Presently i am in saudi arabia.Thanks and waiting your kind advice please.I will expect to get your advice to email id.

  25. i am now 55 y/o i am diabetic and the sexual weakness since i was bon because of nerve weakness so i have blood leackage which cause sexual weakness thank you

  26. good morning i have complte sexual weakness sicnce born and i heard about catheter embolization do have this kind of operation thank you

  27. beacuse of night fall i m feeling so week and my weight is loses…i m vry silm how gain weight and energy?

  28. Hello Dr. sahab i have no timing in bed and my penis is so weak during sex.what should i do please help me.

  29. I am 24 year old unmarried. My penis is so weak to sex. What should i have to be take to improve us.

    • Dr Saleem Zaidi says

      Take All-in-One Sex Power Package. It will do wonders for you.

      • Sir i also have a problem of pre mature ejaculation when i sex wid my wife..
        8-10 strokes done and i am ejaculated…my penis size is also redused compared my early age. yes i do hand practise in my childhood.. i have a child of 3 years my age is 31 ….plz send me where i go and what medicine i eat…send me the mail plz i need help

        • SALEH SIDDIQUE says

          Dear sir,
          I am 30 year old.I ‘m married. My penis is so weak to sex.when I sex with my wife 1-2 min after my gel is out.then my wife is very angry.and she always angry on me. I am very weak from sex power. my wife is not satisfied from my power .so we have lot of problem in between penis size is going to very small like a child erection power is totally gone out. What should i have to be take to improve us. please urgent answer me I’m waiting.

          Request on

  30. hurig nahak says

    please I am 38 years old and weak sexually.I am also experiencing severe waist pains.I also experience
    premature ejaculation. Please help

  31. titusbrown says

    Iam an adult, interested in sexual weakness treatment. Thanks.

  32. maurice ayeah says

    Greetings from maurice.this is my first tme of writing to u people.I have been sexualy weak for more than five years today so it has reach a point where girls make mokery at me.please if there is a means please help me im just like a dry stick inside fresh fores.Im anciouly waiting.


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