Semen Leaking : Why Does Your Semen Leak All The Time?

semen leakingIf you have been suffering from semen leaking recently but you have not taken it seriously stop right here. Semen leaking is a serious problem which if not taken seriously may have some very serious consequences on a man’s life . So if you have been facing semen leakage you must find a suitable treatment for you.

The medical term for semen leaking is spermatorrhea which is involuntary discharge of semen without a strong sexual stimulation. Spermatorrhea can occur when sleeping, while passing urine or stool and while getting minimal sexual stimulation like the touch of a woman or while talking to a beautiful woman.

More than a million of men suffer from semen leaking around the world. For most of these men sharing this problem with their partners or parents and friends becomes very difficult. On the contrary doctors suggest that one should never underestimate this problem. Otherwise it may give birth to other major complications. This problem can lead to some very serious health issues and relationship issues.

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According to a recent study there seems to be a direct link between nightfall and spermatorrhea. It is observed that patients having a history of nighfall are more prone to get spermatorrhea. Other causes of semen leaking are urinary tract infections, hormonal imbalances and overdoing masturbation for a long time. Chronic spermatorrhea may lead to fatigue, general weakness, body ache specially knee pain and low back ache, irritability, dark spots below the eyes and hair fall. The sexual consequnces of seminal leakage are even more horrible. While more than 90% of patients having spermatorrhea develop premature ejaculation almost half of them may be affected by erectile dysfunction and impotence.

Patients having seminal leakage should stop the habit of over masturbation in the first place. If the patient continues to do masturbation during the treatment course it is most likely that the patient will not see any significant results. According to our experience a habit of doing masturbation more than twice a week can have serious consequences on a man’s sexual life. So if you have this dirty habit of masturbating more than three times a week its time to control your mind and get rid of it now. Otherwise you may be in very serious trouble.

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  1. good day. i really need ur help. i notice yellowish to greenish stains stains in my underwear.i know its semen. i dont feel anything except for.the.stains that worry . does it mean i have semen discharge? how can i cure this

  2. I have 2 prolem semen Leaking and my penis is small , please give me the medicine or the name of that medicine. I am realy in bad condiation . Please help dear Doc

  3. Ive notice my partner always ave sperm stains in his boxers and other items i first cinfronted him bout it but he says its a medical reason so ive searchd on goigle and came to this site i would like sum advice for him in this he is nearly 32years old

    • Dr Saleem Zaidi says

      Hi Kenzie,

      Yes this is a medical condition called spermatorrhea. You are required to send us an online consultation in order to seek our personalized advice regarding this problem.

  4. Sir, i am facing problem of semen leaking. And i feel very weaknes in my body. So suggest me any medicine. Please


  5. Hello sir. I having problem of semen leakage from last 2 years.I tried many medicines but i didnt got treated. I am very upset because now it is also affecting I am only 18. I dont know what.medicines should i take.

  6. I am of 24 have semen leakage for last 4 years.Kindly solve the problem.

  7. i am of 26 have seman leaking for last 2 weeks kindly solve the problem

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