X-tra Large Penis Enlargement Capsules

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“The No.1 Rated Natural Penis Enlargement Pills in India.”

“Gain Up to 3 Inches of Length and Up to 30% in Width with My Sex Clinic’s X-tra Large Capsules.


Highly effective penis enlargement supplement for quick irreversible results without any side effects. Gain 2-3 inches of length and 30% in width. Increase your penis size, strength and sexual performance. X-tra Large Capsules are highly potent, prescription strength formula with guaranteed results. The experienced research and development team of Rajshahi Healthcare has done meticulous research and has developed a product that effectively increases the size and thickness of penis.

penis enlargement pills

My Sex Clinic X-tra Large capsules are a natural blend of Safed Musli, Ginco Biloba, Shilajeet, Mucuna pruriens, orchis mascula and 30 other herbo-mineral ingredients. It helps to increase your penis size quickly without any side effects. If you have been feeling shameful about the size of your penis, if your partner is not happy with your penis size or if you just want to make your penis size above average, our X-tra large Capsules are a must for you. Believe us this is the most potent, high strength formula you can find anywhere for penis enlargement.

“What is the normal penis size? Why do I need Xtra Large Capsules?”

Penis size varies greatly among men of different races and body types. On an average penis size varies from 4-5 inches in normal state and 6-7 inches in erect state. However some women complain of inadequate stimulation and low sexual pleasure with these sizes. This is specially true if the woman is tall stature and has an above average body physique. According to an online survey 8 out of 10 women were not satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis. So if you want to gain attention and respect in your lady’s eyes you must do something to enlarge your penis.

“How do I enlarge my penis size and how does Xtra large Capsules work?”

Penis enlargement is a highly controversial topic. Some people assume its just not possible, some people say its Xtra Large Penis Enlargement Pillspossible only by surgical intervention while some doctors say it can be achieved with proper supplements. Lets get the right picture of how penis enlargement actually work? As you know our penis is made up of muscles. These muscles are supported by ligaments at the base of the penis to support the hanging organ. There is no bony structure inside the penis. Its all muscle and blood vessels. Since muscles have a tendency to enlarge or shrink (as in case of body building where muscles gets enlarged after weight training and in cases of malnutrition when the muscles get weak) our penis muscles also have a tendency to enlarge or to shrink. We can enlarge our body muscles with proper weight training and protein supplements but in case of penile muscles we can not do weight training or physical exercises. In this case we can produce effects similar to physical exercises with the help of herbal supplements. We can increase the blood flow to the penis, we can increase the nutritional uptake and uptake of molecules responsible for increased muscle mass and we can enhance the anabolic activity inside the penis muscle cells. This way the penis becomes larger, thicker and stronger without any side effects or artificial surgeries. Also the enlargement gained by this method is permanent and irreversible.

My Sex Clinic’s X-tra Large Capsules have been formulated after years of research and trials to do just the same thing. It increases the penis size by increasing the blood flow to the organ, increasing the nutritional uptake by the penis muscles and promoting anabolic activity of the cells. Thus your penis enlarges in size and strength within a few weeks.

“Would you like to be just another ordinary guy for your lady or you would like to stand out from the crowd?”

The average penis size in India is just 5-6 inches. Almost 80% men posses this size. But the truth is more than 80% of women find this size unsatisfactory or inadequate for proper satisfaction. Imagine how much confident you would feel if you could be larger than the average size. Imagine how amazed and happy your partner will be when you show off your real manhood to her. Believe us your partner will fall in love with you and you would be her superstar.

“The only practically working and result oriented penis enlargement formula for super quick results.”

My Sex Clinic X-tra Large Capsules are high strength formula which is clinically proven to promote penis enlargement. Its unique herbal ingredients are carefully chosen to yield just one thing “ increase your penis size naturally”.

Don’t suffer anymore. Don’t feel depressed about your penis size. Now you can also enlarge your penis, enhance your confidence and live you dreams in real life.

“How do I use X-tra Large Capsules and what is the recommended course of treatment to get best results?”

You need to take just one capsule two times a day. One in the morning after breakfast and one at night before sleep. You can take it with water or milk as you like.

For best results it is highly recommended to take this treatment continuously for 2-3 months.

“Are there any special precautions needed to be taken with this treatment?”

“Is there anything I need to avoid? Can I have intercourse during the course of treatment?”

There are no strict restrictions with this treatment. However it is highly recommended to take high protein rich food to get maximum results. You can have intercourse as usual during the course of treatment. If you having erection problem, premature ejaculation or sexual weakness you can also take 2 capsules with a glass of hot milk one hour before intercourse when needed.

“Is it completely safe? I am a diabetic patient having high blood pressure. Can I use it?”

Yes it is 100% safe for every one. However we suggest you to consult us if you have diabetes or heart problems. We will assess your health condition and advise you accordingly.

Finally we just want to assure you that penis enlargement is possible without surgery. Its not a scam. You just need the right guidance along with proper nutrition and effective supplements to increase your penis size. Thousands of patients have benefited from our penis enlargement pills, now its your time to turn your dreams into reality.

“Major Ingredients and Composition of Xtra Large Penis Enlargement Pills :”

Withania somnifera, Asparagus adsendens, Shudh shilajit, Tribulus terrestris, Mucuna pruriens, Anacyclus pyrethrum, Asparagus racemosus, Ipomea digitata, Hygrophila auriculata.


Penis enlargement pills

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    sir i am from kerala i want penis bigger how can i get the capsule?

  2. Boon

    How long this enlargement process takes..???? i mean how many months..??

    • Dr Saleem Zaidi

      You may require to use this product for 3 months to get the desired results.

  3. deepak

    can we use extra power capsule and extra large capsule at one time…..i mean can both be taken in a single course??

    • Dr Saleem Zaidi

      Yes you can. We have a package called All-in-one sex power package which has both of these products.

  4. kaushik

    Really the specification of this medicine is nice & i am going to apply for three month course.


    • Dr Saleem Zaidi

      Thanks for your kind words. Your appraisal gives us inspiration to work even harder and provide better customer satisfaction.

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