Leucorex Pills for Leucorrhea


Lecorex is a natural based medicine for the treatment of leucorrhea. Leucorrhea is a common problem is women which is often neglected. Now you can also live a fresh life with leucorex. Leucorex treats leucorrhea and its associated symptoms like low back ache, weakness and irritability also. Buy one month supply of leucorex pills (two bottles containing 30 capsules each) for just Rs 1950.

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  •  A perfect combination of rare herbs and natural extracts.
  • Amazing results just within a few days…
  • Say no to the foul smelling, dirty, sticky and irritating whitish vaginal discharge.
  • Gone are the days when you had to just sit back and watch your friends running and enjoying themselves … now you too can live a free life!!

One Month Supply INR 1950 Only

Finally a product that is highly effective and safe for the treatment of white vaginal discharge. This is your chance to buy a product that delivers what it says with guaranteed results within just a few days of starting the course… great!!

Leucorex capsules are developed after years of research and experiments. With numerous clinical trials suggesting it to be highly effective and safe for the treatment of leucorrhea. Its anti fungal and antibacterial ingredients work very fast and you get results within a few days only. My Sex Clinic’s Leucorex herbal pills are a sure shot solution for leucorrhea. Its herbal ingredients and natural extracts start working right from the first dose. Within a few days you feel great and enjoy life to its fullest.

Live a clean and healthy life with leucorex. Apart from curing leucorrhea these pills also improve your overall health and cures low back ache that is almost always present as a bonus with leucorrhea. It improves mental alertness and makes you feel more happy while reducing the mental irritability.

Recommended dosage :

Take 1-2 pills with water twice a day. For best results it is highly recommended to take these pills for a minimum of 20 days.

One Month Supply INR 1950 Only


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