All-In-One Sex Power Package

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Buy one month package of All-In-One for Rs 6500 only. It consists of one bottle of X-tra Power Capsules (30) and one bottle of XTL Plus™ Capsules (60).


A Complete Male Enhancement Formula For Every Sex Problem – ED/PE/Penis Enlargement/Sexual Weakness/Impotence

Highly acclaimed, universally accepted,trusted by thousands of men all over the world …

Immediate long lasting results with rock solid erections, unimaginably long ejaculation time and a large penis you can be proud of …

With the super specialized “All-In-One Sex Power Package”

Yes you are right! Our “All-In-One Sex Power Package” is a single male enhancement system for all types of sexual problems. Be it premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, small penis size, semen leaking, sexual weakness,low stamina or lack of desire our “All-In-One Sex Power Package” is the perfect solution for you.

All In One Sex Power Package

“A single product for all sex problems? How is it possible?

Good question. Our “All-In-One Sex Power Package” is a complete male enhancement solution for all types of sex problems. It is not just a single sex enhancement product but a complete treatment package where we have combined two of the best herbal sex enhancement products (Xtra Power & XTL Plus™) together to formulate a package that is a sure shot answer for all the sex related problems. Believe us you will experience the best time of your life and experience sexual pleasure like you have never experienced before.

“Imagine a highly bulging, pulsating, hard like an iron rod erection every single time …”

If you have lost your sex power due to masturbation, long illness, excessive indulgence in sexual activities, over work load, mental pressure or old age, you will find that your erections are no longer as hard as they used to be. With “All-In-One Sex Power Package” you will be able to achieve rock hard, highly pulsating, bulging erection right from the first day. Thanks to the advanced herbal ingredients used in this package, you no longer need to wait months to achieve even the slightest erection. We have spent years of our precious time to research, analyze and shortlist only the most effective herbs for immediate results.

“Imagine what would your lady say if you could control your ejaculation for as long as you wish!!”

“Imagine if you could go on and on without a break for a whole hour … would’nt she be amazed by your mind blowing performance?”

“Imagine if you could enjoy the “act” for as long as you wish?

Wont that be great?”

male enhancementNothing is more frustrating for a man than not being able to hold his ejaculation for sufficient time. The embarrassment and shame it gives can not be described in words. Imagine how shameful it feels when your lovely lady is craving for more but you have to quit because you are done with your ejaculation.

If premature ejaculation or early discharge is ruining your sex life, if you have tried every single remedy to cure premature ejaculation, if you have lost all hopes then our “All-In-One Sex Power Package” is the ultimate male enhancement solution for you. “All-In-One Sex Power Package” will increase your ejaculation time by up to 30 – 60 minutes. yes its possible and it works. Start taking our all natural, non habit forming and non hormonal “All-In-One Sex Power Package” today and live your dreams. “All-In-One Sex Power Package” is a clinically proven male enhancement formula and the most effective remedy to cure premature ejaculation.

“Are you happy being just an ordinary guy for your lady?”

When it comes to great sex “SIZE DOES MATTER”. According to a recent survey conducted by a popular men’s magazine seven out of ten women accepted they were unhappy with the penis size of their partners. So now its a well known fact that women find more pleasure with men with a large penis than with someone with an average or below average penis size. The all natural ingredients of “All-In-One Sex Power Package” stimulates the higher sex centers, improves blood circulation to the penis, stimulates growth of the penis muscles and soft tissues and thus helps in natural growth of the penis without any dangerous side effects. Our patients report an increase in the penis size by upto 2-3 inches within just a few short weeks.

Stop searching for a simple product that do nothing good for you.

You deserve much much more than just a sex enhancement product.

Try our “All-In-One Sex Power Package” and take your experience of love making to a new level…

its a promise.


We are confident about our quality and we are confident about the efficacy of our product. Try our product for 15 days. After 15 days if you feel that this is not the right choice for you just send the unused medicines back to us and we will refund all your money. No questions asked. The risk is all ours you have nothing to loose but lots to gain.

1- How does this package work?

Ans. This package consists of a combination of two different herbal male enhancement medicines (XTL Plus™ and Xtra Power) which we have formulated after years of research and analysis. The basic aim of all these medicines is to correct your reproductive system in all aspects. Unlike other products available in the market “All-In-One Sex Power Package” cures all sorts of sexual dysfunctions. It cures impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexual weakness, improves desire, corrects penis abnormalities, increases penis size and all other sex problems.

2- Is it suitable for all ages?

Ans. Yes “All-In-One Sex Power Package” is an ideal male enhancement formula for anyone above the age of 18 years. There is no upper age limit for using “All-In-One Sex Power Package”.

3- I am suffering from high BP and Diabetes. Can I also use it?

Ans. “All-In-One Sex Power Package” is safe for patients with high BP and diabetes but is advisable to contact us and have a consultation before starting the course.

4- How many medicines this package contains?

Ans. “All-In-One Sex Power Package” is a unique combination of two different herbal products. Each product has been developed after years of research and clinical trials. You can be sure that you are getting the best combination of medicines which will cure all your sex problems completely and very quickly.

5- How do I take these medicines and what is the dose?

Ans. You need to take one XTL Plus™ Capsule in the morning after breakfast and one in the evening and one capsule of Xtra Power two hours before sleep or intercourse.

6- Can i claim a refund in case I am not getting the results?

Ans. Yes you can claim for a refund in case you are not fully satisfied. We ask you to continue taking our package for at least 15 days before filing a refund request. After 15 days you can send the unused medicines back to us and get your refund.

all in one sex power package

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  1. Mohammed Jaffer

    May Allah swt bless you and your family brother Dr Saleem Zaidi…really i lost hope to be come back to my married life but Alhamdulillah after taking your customized medicines my hope came to live…. may Allah swt bless you with jannat ul firdous and may he cure me as soon as possible Ameen….

  2. Dr Saleem Zaidi

    Yes we do. But we only ship there through DHL.

  3. Gundya

    When you say results are permanent – how long do I need to take the tablets? Can I stop after one month? Will you ship the tablets to USA?

  4. deepak

    i wanna know if the results r permanent or just for a temp period??????specially extra power ………premature ejaculation….will it be permanent

    • Dr Saleem Zaidi

      Yes results are permanent.

  5. iqbal hossain

    i need all in one

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