Vaginal Laxity

Vaginal laxity or loose vagina is a condition where the connective tissues that support the vagina have become loose due to sexual intercourse, child-birth or old age. A loose vagina is often experienced by women going through menopause or those who have recently been through childbirth. Your vagina is also likely to loosen if you have sex too often. Concerns about vaginal size are quite common because most men prefer the vagina small and tight for a better sexual experience. Women also experience heightened sexual sensations with a tightened vagina, whereas a loose vagina leads to delayed orgasms because of reduced friction between the penis and vagina. Some women with a loose vagina have lesser sexual satisfaction, while others are unable to have orgasms.

Because there is no such thing as a standard or ideal vagina size, it is difficult to estimate whether you have a loose vagina. If your sexual partner doesn’t have any complaints, the following indicators will tell you if you need to tighten your vagina:

1. You only get stimulated by inserting larger objects into it
2. You find it tough to grip your vagina with your index finger
3. Your vagina is unable to close completely even when you are not in a state of arousal
4. It is possible to insert more than three fingers into your vagina easily
5. Orgasm is harder to achieve than before
6. You find it harder to satisfy your partner
Problems with a loose vagina[/notify_box]

A loose vagina is known to lead to conditions such as lesser sensitivity, diminished sexual pleasure as well as incontinence. Another condition associated with vaginal looseness is that of female urinary incontinence. Vaginal looseness contributes to urinary incontinence because the loose nerves and muscles of the vagina are unable to hold urine or control its release.

Other vaginal problems

Other problems that can make sex painful or unpleasant are vaginal infections and bad odour. A healthy vagina has a good smell. If it takes on a fishy odour, it is a symptom that its delicate balance has been upset and has caused a condition known as bacterial vaginosis. Vaginal infections include thrush, cystitis, vaginal rashes and vaginal pimples. These infections make sex painful and uncomfortable leading to many other psycho-sexual problems.

Vaginal tightening surgery for a tight vagina

Also known as vaginoplasty, surgical procedures for tightening your vagina are quite complicated and can cause infections or blood clots. Another disadvantage of vaginal tightening surgery is that your vagina will lose its newly-acquired tightness when you give birth again. It is a short-term and expensive option for alleviating a loose vagina. You should opt for vaginal surgery only if you haven’t experienced any success with other vaginal tightening procedures.

Vaginal tightening creams for vagina tightening

These vaginal creams are usually based on certain antiseptic, lubricant ingredients and rarely produce any effects. All you need to do is apply the vaginal cream about 15-20 minutes before you plan to indulge in sex. These creams eliminate bad vaginal odour and work as natural lubricants but there effect as a vaginal tightening agent is not proven. It has been claimed that regular use of vaginal tightening creams permanently tighten your vagina but there is no support to prove their claim.

Kegelmaster vaginal exerciser for a tighter vagina

The Kegelmaster is a patented device used in the treatment of loose vagina, stress and urge incontinence, bladder and uterine prolapse, pelvic pain and female sexual dysfunction. Based on the principles of progressive resistance, the Kegelmaster comes with 15 adjustable strength settings that make it easier for you to do your pelvic floor exercises. Progressive resistance is an exercise technique that tones, strengthens and tightens your vagina. The adjustable settings allow you to choose a level that is appropriate to your strength. You can also choose a higher setting once your muscles get stronger. This method is quite promising but needs to be done under expert supervision. Since inappropriate use of these exercises can prove to be dangerous.

While only some of the products or techniques for tightening the vagina work effectively to a greater or lesser extent, the Specialized treatment plans from My Sex Clinic is a natural and cost-effective option that makes your vaginal and pelvic muscles to tighten up naturally and helps to enhance your sex life.

Vaginal Tightening is not just about taking pills and oils over the counter from a chemist or from a web store. Believe us it is not going to do any better for your loose vagina. The best way to tighten your loose vagina and improve your sex life is to directly consult a professional sexologist who can effectively treat your problem with the best possible approach according to your custom needs and formulate a vaginal tightening treatment plan for you which actually works.


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