Femens Plus Uterine Tonic


One Month Supply INR 1950 Only.

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A wonderful combination of powerful herbs and natural extracts with state of the art chromatographic fingerprinting technology.
Amazing results just within a few days…

One Month Supply INR 1950 Only

Say goodbye to painful menses, dirty, sticky and irritating whitish vaginal discharge, hot flushes, emotional disturbances, mood swings and irregular bleeding with My Sex Clinic’s Femens-Plus Capsules..

Gone are the days when you had to worry about your monthly issues … Now you too can enjoy and live a normal life even while having your periods!! My Sex Clinic’s Femens-Plus herbal pills are a sure shot solution for all kinds of problems related to  women. Its herbal ingredients and natural extracts start working quickly and within a few days you feel a positive change in your overall health. The next time your periods arrive you will be shocked how smoothly they passes away. No pain, no cramps, no irratative nature… just pure health. Apart from restoring a normal menstrual cycle these pills also help you gain overall health and increase your hemoglobin levels and immunity.

Recommended Dosage :

Take 1-2 pills with water twice a day. It is recommended to take these pills for a minimum of 3 consecutive cycles.

One Month Supply INR 1950 Only


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