The True Story Of A Masturbator : An Eye Opener

Recently I received an email from a person (I cant disclose the name due to privacy concerns) who shared his story with me. He was doing masturbation from a long time and because of this habit he developed serious sexual disorders. He also described his own experiences and how he made a way out of this bad habit and improved his health. I thought it would be very good for you all to know about it. Read on to see his own story in his own words :

Name (Changed due to privacy concerns)
28Marrital Status
Un-marriedI will start to give u my own story of how i started masturbating and how it ended up to premature ejaculation, then finally how i have been able to get myself out of the habit, and also how m making an effort to improve my performance.
I started masturbating and ejaculation at around 12 yrs. of age (now m 28 yrs. old), at that time, it was all fun for me, and i dint know anything about ejaculation and as far as i can say, during my earlier years of masturbation, it used to take me almost 3-4 min, to ejaculate, but with my frequent masturbation, this reduced dramatically, and by the time i was 20 yrs., it only took me about 3-4 minutes of masturbation to ejaculate. All along, i was a virgin, and
even though i loved women, i was more fascinated by breasts and caressing, but i would always retreat to my closed room and recall her image, and then masturbate to orgasm. Therefore i never had any sexual intercourse.

I grew from an occasional masturbator to a very heavy masturbator, where i would masturbate up to 2-3 4 times in a single day. All along, no one educated me or neither did i know the side effects, and plus the fact that i was so secretive about it, amounted to my awaiting Disaster!!

I have been reading posts from various people who suffered from premature ejaculation who complained of: Knee pains, decrease in memory power, vision, hair loss and all other things, and I’m sorry to say that these are real. From my personal experience, I used to be a wizard in Math, and i was really intelligent, but as years went by, my level of concentration and recall reduced drastically. I would be told one thing, and the next minute i would have forgotten it. I became uncertain whether i have locked the door, picked up my cell phone, etc. My grades really went from bad to worse, and math which was my favorite, became a night mare, however hard i tried to concentrate.

PHYSICAL EFFECTS: I have huge pain in the legs from couple of years – cannot stand for a long time, or cannot do vigorous exercises easily;

Pain in the back; wrinkles and narrowing of the base of your penis, It becomes much softer; Its size diminishes and so does its erection and amount of ejaculation.

“The more we masturbate, the more we empty our reservoir of sperms, and our bodies try to replace the diminishing levels at a faster rate than they can be produced. This is more so, for those who masturbate for about 2 or 3 times every day, for a long period of time. Therefore because the body cannot replace the sperm production that fast it
tends to switch to its second option, which is the body itself. Calcium and phosphorous minerals from our bones will begin to be emptied, to make up for the sperms. And these also include the minerals and neuron-transmitters in the brain, which are robbed of their nutrients at a faster rate than the body can produce them, so as to cater for sperm production. Therefore all these deficiencies, will start building up, and after some time, (it usually takes 2 or more
years, again depending on the individual) that’s when u begin to suffer from all these bone issues, premature ejaculation n all that.

I started searching for answers to my problems on any website that i could lay my hands on, and that’s when i found the root cause being masturbation. That night i made up my mind, never ever to masturbate again. I was so scared, that it completely reprogrammed my mind. the best way to avoid such an urge , i found out, was to get out of the
house or your comfort zone immediately, do something creative, or just take a walk, and in like 5 to 10 minutes, the urge will be gone.

Another thing, refrain from porn websites when alone, coz these will play on your minds fantasies and you will find yourself with the jerking off urge.

I am no longer doing masturbate and ejaculate intentionally, yes do it when got excited. Hardly 3-4 times in a month but used to watch some hot movies that makes to excited but I don’t go for masturbate and ejaculate but when I feel excited my leg start paining.

Main Problems:
1.        Pain in legs – feeling like light electric shock
2.        Pain in knees
3.        Thinning hair
4.        Decrease in memory power
5.        Hair loss
6.        Concentration
7.        No confidence on myself
8.        Wet dream
9.        other things

If you have also experienced anything like this or you have any information that could be helpful to all please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. I m also suffering from same problem since 12-13 years .My erectile power is low now a days .My sperm r weak . i’ve observed some of them you mentioned as “main problem”.hair lose and hair thining,memmory loss,no confidence,concentration

    please suggest me some medicine !!

  2. i’m 22 year old,and i’ve observed some of them you mentioned as “main problem”.hair lose and hair thining,memmory loss,no confidence,concentration

  3. my sex power is week and i am week in sex so please give me some suggestions to me how i increase my sex power and i am 36 years old.what about masturbation. i am doing daily so please sagest me is it correct or wrong and i am unmarried person.

    thank you.

  4. i would really like help in this area in my life as well.
    thank you

  5. I m also suffering from same problem since 12-13 years .My erectile power is low now a days .My sperm r weak .

    please suggest me some medicine !!

  6. hey dear…. the same incidence is going with me.
    i also masturbate since last 6year bt nw i stop n i ejuculate too fast i.e. within 2-3min.
    plz suggest me some remedy to overcome from the bad effects of over masturbation.. i will b very thankful to you… plz… m waitng 4 ur rly..

  7. Same thing relate to me help me.pls guide me nd help me by ur medicine

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