Leucorrhea : White discharge from Vagina…

Leucorrhea is a condition in which there is continuous discharge from the vagina. The discharge is thick whitish or yellowish in color and may have an unpleasant smell. Leucorrhea is mostly found in cases where there is hormonal imbalance. Certain infections of genital tract and STDs may also be a probable cause of leucorrhea.

Vaginal discharges are common in all women. The amount of  discharge in normal cases is so minute that it is seldom noticed or recognized by women. But in cases of leucorrhea the discharge is very much noticeable. The fouls smell and thickness of the discharge also distinguishes it from normal vaginal discharges. Sometimes the problem of leucorrhea is found in girls before the start of menses. This is a sign that the girl is about to start her menstruation.

Leucorrhea discharge makes it very embarrassing for the women to join social gatherings and in front of her husband or boyfriend. Women suffering from leucorrhea need to be reassured and consulted properly to make sure that they do not panic or come into depression due to this problem. They need to to be reassured that this is a common problem and it is generally found in women because their genitals are moist, sensitive and covered all the time. Most of the cases of leucorrhea do not need any treatment and they are settled only by lifestyle modifications and proper hygiene and care. Medical intervention and treatment by medicines is required only in cases where the discharge is profound, thick, sticky and foul smelling. This could be a sign of infection which needs treatment by an exert doctor.

Types of Leucorrhea:

(1) Physiologic leukorrhea: It is due to estrogen stimulation. It is body’s natural defense to maintain the chemical balance inside the vagina and to keep the elasticity of the genital muscles.

(2) Leukorrhea may occur normally during pregnancy.

(3) Inflammatory leukorrhea: It denotes thick foul smelling discharge with itching and malaise or back ache. It may be due to STD or other anaerobic infections.

Immunity is an important factor to check leucorrhea. If the immunity is poor it attracts more infections and is very susceptible to recurrent infections leading to leucorrhea. Though lots of antibiotics are present today fro the treatment of leucorrhea but ayurvedic and unani system of medicine has been treating this problem successfully for over thousand years with pure herbal medicines. The chances of recurrence are also very less with herbal medicines.

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