Four Easy Ways to Help a Patient of Depression

depression and sex problems Depression and sex problems are like two sides of a coin. They often coexist. Occurrence of depression can further deteriorate the condition of the patient and may lead to a poor prognosis of the disease (fate of the disease or final outcome of the treatment). So it is very important to take care of the depression part to make sure that the patient gets the best out of his treatment.

l. Show your support

A depressed patient is often defensive. So it is advisable to be soft and speak politely with the patient, Try to show that you understand his views and problems.  For example, you should not tell him something like this, “Why can’t you just get out of the bed?” Instead of this you should say it like this, “It seems that you are having some trouble. What can I do to help you in this?”
Depression is a very serious problem. It is a silent killer which keeps on digging its roots deeper with each passing day. So it is very important to make sure that you always sound polite and the depressed person always has this feeling of having you by his side.

2. Reassure the person that he is not having any serious issues.

Many patients suffering from depression often feel as if they are not worthy of being loved and if they are useless. It is very important to frequently reassure them that you care for him and that he is very important in your life. Remember depression, if not taken seriously sometimes turns to be fatal. The person is more prone to attempt suicide and otherwise injure himself in order to gain sympathy.

3. Give them proper understanding and sympathy if needed

People suffering from depression always have a negative energy in them.They feel sorry about themselves and they always complain about their situations and circumstances. It is advisable not to point to them and be aggressive, instead say something like “I know you are going through a tough time but always keep in mind that I am there for you and my sympathy is with you”. Believe me your words can do wonders for the depressed patient.

4. Offer them a helping hand

Patients having depression are in great need of a helping hand. Always try to lend a helping hand but don’t get offended if there is a reply like “I don’t need anyone’s help. Please leave me alone”. Your cooperation, understanding and help can be of great help to a depressed person. Remember, depression can not be cured by medicines. It can be reduced with medicines but if you try and adopt these points your help could be of much more help and the person can actually come out of it.

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