Foods that increase sex power

Sex weakness can be really bad if it remains there for long time. It can lead to depression, anxiety, insomnia (lack of sleep) and may even deter you from doing your routine activities. Anyone who suffers from sexual weakness can surely tell you how difficult it is to cope with this problem.

Yes, it is difficult to live a normal life when your partner is not happy with you due a sexual weakness. But one has to live with it and beyond it.
Dieticians and nutritionists have come up with 10 fit foods for sex power. Just include these in your food and see the difference.whole grains are good for sex power

Whole Grains:

White grains are rich in fiber’ minerals, protein and carbohydrates. While grains also keep your stomach full for longer.¬† So you are not inclined to eat wrong stuff and you manage your weight.


Ginger has anti inflammatory, analgesic and anesthetic properties. It contains a quartet, gingerols, paradols shogaoils and zingerone. Itfood for sex power
helps to fight premature ejaculation and also acts as a sexual stimulant. So don’t forget to add ginger in your tea the next time you make one.


turmericAnother Indian spice is turmeric. Also a ginger family member, its powder is used in vegetates and curries. It contains curcumin that helps increase sex power.

Olive Oil:

Olive oil is like gold or elixir when it comes to fighting sex weakness. It contains antioxidants polyphenols that help to keepolive oil is great for sexual stamina
keep you younger, manage your youth and increase pheromones secretion. If used locally over penis for massage it helps to strengthen the nerves and tissues.


sex power and nutsAlmonds, walnuts are great source of Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants that delay the aging process inside the body and keep you younger. Nuts have been used in ayurredic and unani medicines since ages to improve sex power.


Strawberries are full of vitamtn-C, an antioxidant with powerful  aphrodisiac properties, according to strawberryresearch. Some studies suggest vitamin-C may help increase the pleasure felt during orgasm.


greensGreens like spinach, amaranth, fenugreek leaves, argda not only have high iron content but are also rich in Vitamin-K that helps maintain strong Psycho sexual balance and healthy organs. A study shows that older adults with ample blood levels of vitamin k were less likely to develop low libido and sexual weakness.


You may not believe but dairy products like yogurt and cheese can help reduce sexual fatigue. They contain two nutrients mainly Calcium anddairy products Vitamin-D . Vitamin-D can help fight premature ejaculation according to research findings.

This list is not extensive and we have just added a few of the basic food stuff which can be added in daily routine. If you know about something useful or you want to share your thoughts please use the comments section below.

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