Customized treatment for sex problems or just a sex enhancement product … what to choose?

sex problems solutionSexual problems often knock your door without any warning. When you face sex problems the most common question that come to your mind is whether you should go for a well advertised, beautifully packed and highly priced sex enhancement products that are easily available in the market or you should go for a customized sex treatment after consulting a sexologist?

Well for most men the first thing that they choose is sex enhancement products. The reason is simple : sex enhancement products are easily available in the market. They can be purchased without any prescription and your privacy and secrecy is well maintained. But do these sex enhancement products really work? It is a tough question and as a general rule it is not appropriate to answer it in Yes or No. The most correct answer to this question is “they work and they don’t work as well..!! CONFUSED… !!

OK I will explain it. Lets imagine that there is a person who is having an average sex life without any clear cut sex problem. This person wants to improve his sexual performance so that he may enjoy it better. For example if he ejaculates within 10 minutes and he or his partner is not satisfied with it he may try some sex enhancement products. This will give him some extra time to enjoy. So in this case it works!

Now take another case. Some one having a severe condition of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation where he is not able to have an erection at all or he is not able to sustain it for a successful intercourse. In this case if he tries a sex enhancement product he is not going to get any benefit from it at all. This is a proper disease which needs an expert intervention for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. You can understand it like this also ” if you get a common cold you will first try to cure it with an over the counter anticold pill like D-cold or Vicks. But if it does not get cured this way you will have to consult a doctor for a customized treatment.

Now that you understand the difference between customized treatment for sex problems and over the counter sold sex enhancement products you can easily judge what you actually need.

We at My Sex Clinic have an extra ordinary experience of successfully treating millions of patients suffering from the most complicated sex problems. If you have tried all sorts of sex enhancement pills and supplements here is your chance to try our 100% customized treatment plans to cure your sex problem.

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