A new approach in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions.

ayurvedic medicines and treatment for sex We are a team of dedicated doctors. We are committed to provide our patients with world class herbal healthcare products and the best herbal treatments. Our products and customized treatments are  “100% Natural” and “completely safe” solutions which we have formulated after years of research and analysis. With our treatment plans you are bound to get amazing results. Results that speak for themselves. For a free online consultation just write to us with your complete details and we shall get back to you within 24 hours. We have successfully treated thousands of patients from across the world with our sex treatment plans.

We work with a “customized and personalized” approach to treat your sex problems. Right from the start we believe that there is no general rule for treating patients of sexual dysfunctions. Every patient has a variable degree of sex problem and a totally different combination of complaints. Therefore a completely personalized and customized approach is needed for successful treatment. However, not many men in the world know what exactly they should do to cure their sex problems. In the absence of such knowledge, people make mistakes, which harm their sexual health and performance. What’s worse is that they are not aware of how they should rectify these mistakes. This is where My Sex Clinic comes to help.
We provide customized sex treatment and expert advice for all types of sex problems. Our sex treatment plans are based on 100% natural, effective, safe and time tested herbal medicines.

We also offer expert advice for your sex problems through online consultation. All consultations are directly mailed to our doctors for review.
You just need to fill out the consultation form and our doctors will get in touch with you within 24 hours.
We provide expert and reliable advice for all types of sex problems. Be it Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Sexual Weakness or Low Libido, Impotence, Childlessness, Nil Sperm count or you just want to increase the size of your penis … we have a solution for you.
If you are a woman and need an expert to answer your concerns regarding Menstrual Disorders, Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), or Breast Enhancement, you can always count on our specialist doctors and herbalists who are always there to help you. This service is provided FREE OF COST.

We are the first to introduce customized sex treatment program in India. Our treatment plans are 100% personalized. There is no One-for-All rule here. Every patient is given a different course of treatment depending on his or her personal needs and body requirements. Our treatment plans are based on cutting-edge scientific knowledge and our vast experience of treating millions of people from around the world.
For over 40 years we have brought happiness and love back into the life of couples and families just like you.
Millions of people have benefited from our treatments. Now its your turn to live a happy life and enjoy it to the fullest.
No more embarrassment, no more agony. No more feeling of shame in front of your loved one. Just write to us and our doctor will get in touch with you.


  1. hi sir! i m 26yrs old and married three years ago. i had done mastubrate from age of 14 yrs to 19 yrs. now i have all type of sex problem like nightfall, semen leaking, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low testostrones, watery semen, weakness, low memory power and weight loss. i am losing my weight gradually. skin become dull.

  2. unnikrishnan says

    sir,i have some sex problem.my sex timing is very low and some times my fluid is going when i was sleeping.please tell me to improve my sex.

  3. sir, my cock size is 2inch i like 6 inch is possibal size larg plz tel me

  4. i have sex in problum when i m doing sex only 1 minits i can do

  5. M 23 years old boy .but when m having sex m discharge just in mint .m worried about my future plzz give me advice ..

    • Dr Saleem Zaidi says

      Please send me your completed consultation form. Our team of doctors will be happy to help you.

  6. dear sir,
    I have a sex problem .
    When going for intercourse my ejaculation time is very less . when entering ejaculate soon.
    pls suggest some remedies

  7. two moths course price