10 Tips to Enjoy Sex Actively Till Old Age

sex in old age

A 70 year old lady gave birth to a child in India. *Source : The Times Of India

Sex is an integral part of our lives. Just like we need food to satisfy our appetite, we need to have healthy sex to satisfy our soul. Our sex life starts at the time of puberty which is typically 12-14 years in India. But the end of our sex life is not uniform. Some people continue enjoying their sex life actively till 60-70 years of age while some people find it hard to have sex just after crossing 50. Recently I came across an article in the Times of India about a 105 year old man in Rajasthan who became the proud father of a son. This was like a miracle for most of us but he was confident. I read his interview in which he confessed to have been enjoying sex regularly even at this age.

So why actually we have such diverse sex lives? There are so many reasons, and frankly speaking we can not avoid most of them. Yes it is a fact. We have to face each and every thing in our life, we have to look after our family, we have to work 9-5 and we have to perform our social duties. We can not just run away from all this. But wouldn’t it be great if we could alter our habits a bit and follow some simple tips to enjoy sex even at old age. Below I am giving a list of 10 simple but mostly overlooked tips which if followed properly will help you live a more sexually active life :

1. Proper Diet : Proper nutritious diet is essential for sexual health. Not only sexual health but overall health and well being.  Diet rich is mucilage, starch and protein is specially helpful for proper functioning of the sexual organs till old age. Almond, Dates, Coconut water, fish, chicken, egg, paneer, mango and banana are specially recommended for sexual well being. Some of the spices used in Indian kitchens like Jawitri, Jaiphal, Long etc are also used in sex enhancement medicines since ancient times. Milk and honey are regarded as the heavenly nectar for sexual health. Including these items in your dietary habits can take you long way to enjoy sex till old age. Also you should avoid highly spiced food item, fast food, packaged foods and processed food items.

2. Regular Excercise : Now this is very difficult for most of you. Isn’t it? I don’t know why but most of us are allergic to regular exercise. OK its obviously very difficult to manage time for regular excercise from your busy schedule. You work 10-6, then you travel through the nasty traffic to your home which takes 2 hours to travel for a mere 30 minutes ride, then you sleep at 12 am. How can you wake up at 5 am? Thats a big question.

Well, we can not completely change our lifestyle and the surrounding things but we can at least alter them a bit to give us some spare time. If not more then at least 15 – 30 minutes. I am sure we can manage with that. Now I am not going to give you a huge list of expert aerobic exercises for any particular sexual dysfunction. Just a 15 minutes yoga, meditation and brisk walking is all that required to maintain your health, specially sexual health. Walking is a very good exercise in particular because it increases the strength and blood flow to the lower part of the body. I personally don’t advice heavy weight lifting to even the youngsters because I have seen so many cases where the person actually harmed himself rather than doing anything good for his health. So in short, brisk walking, cycling, yoga and meditation is all you need to be sexually active till old age.

3. Sound Sleep : A sound sleep of 8-10 hours is essential for your body. and sex is nothing separate. The negative effects of less sleep are not comparable to anything else. So if you are not sleeping enough, chances are that your sexual energy is going to be lost quickly than it should. For people doing night-shifts and rotational duties the risk of developing sexual dysfunctions and depression is much higher than those who work regular 9-5 job.

4. Maintain a healthy relationship : Most of us often overlook the importance of warmth, bonding, respect and faith in our relationships. Specially men tend to be more casual in relationships. A strong bond, trust, respect and joy in a relationship can take us a long way. There is a always a feeling of happiness if your relationship with your spouse is flourishing. We often ignore showing love to our partner when we grow old or when the relationship matures to a long period of time. This is wrong thing. You must keep your emotions young. Its all in the mind. If you feel young, you look young. Keep the flame burning. Express your love to her. Believe me its not that hard when you turn 50. Remember people who mature emotionally tend to grow old early. Keep your mind young and enjoy youth till old age.

5. Meditation : Meditation is very good for your mind and body. Take time to meditate at least half an hour a day.  Now this is one thing whose benefits can not be explained but can only be felt. You must start mediation to believe what I say. There are many forms of meditation, Yoga, Pranayam, Dhyan, Prayer, Namaz or simply closing your eyes and feeling you are lost in a black room are all different forms of meditation. Choose your preferred form of mediation and feel the difference.

6. Keep yourself happy : Now this is very simple yet most overlooked philosophy. Keep your cool all the time. Don’t get angry over small things. A warm and angry mind always thinks about destructive things while a calm and serene mind always thinks about constructive things. There are so many benefits of being happy that a separate article can be written about this only. When your mind is happy you produce more endorphins, dopamine and testosterone which is responsible for healthy functioning of the reproductive system.

7. Say no to alcohol : Most people drink alcohol in moderation and say that its not harmful. This is a totally wrong perception. Even minute quantities of alcohol taken over a long period of time cause serious side effects. I have also come across many people who take alcohol as a sex booster. Remember, alcohol can temporarily increase your pleasure and increase time period but over time its going to loose its effect and you are bound to increase the consumption dosage to get the desired results. This way you are doing nothing good for your body. You are just destroying your own sexual system.

8. Never Smoke : You must have noticed this somewhere – SMOKING KILLS! Yes it does. But before it kills you, it actually kills your libido. So quit smoking now if you want to enjoy sex till old age.

9. Say no to masturbation : I have written a complete article about the effects of masturbation. You should check it out to find out if it actually harmful for your sex life? You can read about masturbation and its side effects here.

10. Say no to cheap or overly advertised sex enhancement drugs : There are hundreds of sex enhancement drugs and medicines available today in the market. With the widespread reach of internet even in small town and cities we are now open to thousands of online shops and pharmacies selling cheap low quality drugs. But is it really safe to use such kind of sex enhancement drugs? Well, I would say no. Self medication can be dangerous for your body. Unless the medicines are doctor approved for use by individuals or they are recommended by doctors, you should never use them. Otherwise none but you will be responsible for the consequences. I have personally seen many such cases where the patient gone impotent after consuming some cheap sex enhancement drugs. So be aware and make sure that the medicine you are consuming is actually recommended by qualified doctors.

Now this is just a small list of simple things you can do to live a sexually active life till old age. If I have missed something or you would like to add anything that may be beneficial for all, please share it below in the comment section.

Wish you a healthy and sexy life ahead!



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